Horosoft Professional Astrology Software 2012 Free Download Get into Pc


Horosoft Professional Astrology Software 2012 Free Download Get into Pc

FeaturesAccurate Birth Chart Generation:Extensive Astrological Database:Advanced Astrological Calculations:Interpretive Reports:Customizable Chart St

Horosoft Professional Astrology Software 2012 Free Download Get into Pc is a comprehensive and powerful tool designed for astrologers and enthusiasts alike. Developed by Horosoft, this software provides a vast array of features and tools to explore the intricacies of astrology, enabling users to generate accurate birth charts, analyze planetary positions, and interpret astrological predictions with precision. With its user-friendly interface, extensive database, and customizable options, Horosoft Professional Astrology Software 2012 Free Download Get into Pc has established itself as a trusted companion for those seeking to delve into the fascinating world of astrology, offering valuable insights and guidance for personal and professional purposes.


Horosoft Professional Astrology Software 2012 Free Download Get into Pc offers a rich set of features designed to assist astrologers and astrology enthusiasts in their practice.

Accurate Birth Chart Generation:

The software enables users to create detailed and accurate birth charts (natal charts) based on the date, time, and location of birth. It provides a comprehensive analysis of planetary positions, house placements, and aspects, allowing for in-depth interpretation and analysis. Get into Pc

Accurate Birth Chart Generation getintopc

Extensive Astrological Database:

Horosoft Professional Astrology Software comes with an extensive database of geographical locations, time zones, and planetary positions, ensuring accuracy in calculations and chart generation for various locations across the globe. Get into Pc

Advanced Astrological Calculations:

The software incorporates complex mathematical algorithms to perform advanced astrological calculations, such as planetary transits, progressions, and compatibility analysis. These calculations help astrologers gain insights into various life events and relationships.

Advanced Astrological Calculations

Interpretive Reports:

Horosoft Professional Astrology Software generates detailed interpretive reports that provide valuable insights into various aspects of an individual’s life, including personality traits, career prospects, love life, health, and more. These reports aid astrologers in providing comprehensive readings to clients.

Customizable Chart Styles:

Users have the flexibility to customize chart styles, including different house systems, zodiacal divisions, and planetary aspects. This allows astrologers to work with the system that aligns with their preferred astrological tradition and methods. Get into Pc

Dasha Systems and Predictions:

The software incorporates different dasha systems, such as Vimshottari Dasha, and facilitates the generation of accurate predictions and timelines for significant life events. This feature helps astrologers provide detailed forecasts and guidance to their clients. Get into Pc

Dasha Systems and Predictions

Varied Astrological Tools:

Horosoft Professional Astrology Software offers a wide range of additional tools, including muhurta (auspicious timing), panchang (Hindu calendar), planetary strengths, and more. These tools assist astrologers in conducting specialized analyses and consultations.

User-Friendly Interface:

The software is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced astrologers. It provides intuitive navigation, clear presentation of charts and reports, and easy-to-use tools, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

Horosoft Professional Astrology Software encompasses these features and more, making it a comprehensive and reliable tool for astrologers, researchers, and astrology enthusiasts, empowering them to explore the depths of astrology and offer meaningful insights to their clients.

Technical Setup Details

Name: Horosoft Professional

Name: horosoft

Size: 58 MB

Type: Offline

Architecture: 32 Bit  / 64

Added On: May 2019

Developers: Triple-S Software

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11


Hard Disk : 200 MB

Processor: Intel Dual Core processor/ Advanced www.getintopc.software