Plagiarism Checker X 6.0.11 Pro Free Download


Plagiarism Checker X 6.0.11 Pro Free Download

FeaturesAdvanced Plagiarism DetectionSide-by-Side ComparisonBulk CheckingCross-Platform CompatibilityMultiple Language SupportIn-Depth ReportsFile Co

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Plagiarism Checker X 6.0.11 Pro Free Download is a cutting-edge tool that sets the standard for content integrity and originality. With its advanced algorithms and user-friendly interface, it empowers writers, educators, and businesses to ensure their work is free from plagiarism, fostering creativity and trust in their content.


Advanced Plagiarism Detection 

The software employs state-of-the-art algorithms to meticulously scan documents and identify instances of copied or unoriginal content. getintopc

Advanced Plagiarism Detection 

Side-by-Side Comparison

Users can effortlessly compare their content with potential sources, allowing for a detailed examination of similarities and differences. getintopc

Bulk Checking

Plagiarism Checker X Pro supports batch checking, enabling users to scan multiple documents simultaneously, making it ideal for educators and businesses with large databases of content.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

This software works seamlessly across Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms, ensuring accessibility for users on different operating systems.

Multiple Language Support

Plagiarism Checker X 6.0.11 Pro is capable of detecting plagiarism in content written in numerous languages, making it a valuable tool for global users. getintopc

In-Depth Reports

The tool generates comprehensive reports with percentage-based similarity results, highlighting potential plagiarized sections and providing source links.

File Compatibility

It supports various file formats, including Word documents, PDFs, HTML, and plain text, making it versatile for a wide range of documents. getintopc

Educational and Commercial Licensing

Exclude and Include URLs

Users can specify web sources to include or exclude from the search, allowing for more precise checks.

Custom Databases

The software enables users to create and manage their private databases for cross-referencing and historical comparisons. getintopc

Data Privacy

Plagiarism Checker X Pro prioritizes data privacy and security, ensuring that uploaded documents and reports are kept confidential.

User-Friendly Interface

With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, it’s suitable for both novices and professionals.

Educational and Commercial Licensing

The tool caters to academic institutions, educators, and businesses, with flexible licensing options to suit different needs.

Educational and Commercial Licensing

Regular Updates

The software is regularly updated to stay ahead of new plagiarism techniques and sources, providing users with the most up-to-date protection. getintopc

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11


Hard Disk Space: 50 MB

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 Dual Core