Classroom Spy Pro 4 Free Download GET INTO PC


Classroom Spy Pro 4 Free Download GET INTO PC

FeaturesRemote Control:Application Management:Web Browsing Supervision:Messaging and Communication:Attendance Tracking:Classroom Broadcasting:Assessm

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Classroom Spy Pro 4 Free Download GET INTO PC is a robust and versatile classroom management software developed by EduIQ. Designed for educators and administrators, this application offers comprehensive monitoring and control capabilities for computer-based classrooms and remote learning environments. With Classroom Spy Pro 4 Free Download GET INTO PC, instructors can observe and interact with students’ screens in real-time, track their activities, share lessons, manage applications, and even block inappropriate content, fostering an engaging and secure learning environment for students of all ages. 


Real-Time Monitoring:

Classroom Spy Pro 4 GET INTO PC allows instructors to view students’ computer screens in real-time, giving them a clear and up-to-date understanding of each student’s activities during the class or remote learning session. getintopc

Remote Control

Remote Control:

The software enables teachers to take control of students’ computers, allowing them to demonstrate lessons, troubleshoot technical issues, or provide personalized assistance, fostering a more interactive and collaborative learning experience. GET INTO PC

Screen Sharing: Instructors can share their screens with the entire class, making it easier to present lessons, show educational materials, and engage students effectively.

Application Management:

Classroom Spy Pro 4 GET INTO PC permits teachers to monitor and control the applications students are using. They can launch or close applications remotely, ensuring students stay focused on educational tasks. getintopc

Web Browsing Supervision:

With this feature, educators can monitor students’ internet browsing activities, block access to specific websites, and maintain a safe online learning environment. GET INTO PC

Web Browsing Supervision

Messaging and Communication:

The software includes a messaging system that allows teachers to communicate directly with individual students or the entire class, facilitating instant feedback, announcements, or instructions.

Attendance Tracking:

Classroom Spy Pro 4 provides attendance tracking features, helping educators keep a record of student attendance and participation during virtual classes. GET INTO PC

Classroom Broadcasting:

Instructors can broadcast their screen or a specific student’s screen to multiple computers, making it easier to demonstrate concepts to the entire class simultaneously. GET INTO PC

Attendance Tracking

Assessment and Quiz Management:

The software getintopc allows teachers to create and deliver quizzes or assessments to students, monitor their progress, and receive immediate results for evaluation. getintopc

Security and Privacy:

Classroom Spy Pro 4 GET INTO PC prioritizes security and privacy, ensuring that access to the monitoring and control features is restricted to authorized users, thereby protecting students’ data and maintaining a safe learning environment.

System Requirements 

Operating System: 7/8/8.1/10/11


Hard Disk Space: 150 MB

Processor: Intel Pentium i3/Advanced getintopc

Developers: EduIQ