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Dragonframe 5 Free Download

Features of Dragonframe 5 Free DownloadFrame Capture and PlaybackOnion SkinningTime-lapse and Motion ControlIntegrated Camera ControlAudio ScrubbingD

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Dragonframe 5 Free Download represents the pinnacle of stop-motion animation software, offering a comprehensive and innovative platform for animators to bring their creations to life. With a myriad of new features and improved tools, Dragonframe 5 continues to set the industry standard, enabling artists to achieve unprecedented levels of precision and creativity in the world of stop-motion animation. getintopc

Features of Dragonframe 5 Free Download

Frame Capture and Playback

Capture and review individual frames to ensure your animation is precisely as intended.Frame Capture and Playback

Onion Skinning

Overlay live video with previous frames to guide your animation and maintain consistency.

Time-lapse and Motion Control

Create dynamic time-lapse sequences and control camera movements for cinematic effects.

Integrated Camera Control

Seamlessly control your camera settings and capture frames directly from the Dragonframe interface.

Audio Scrubbing

Sync your animation with audio by listening to soundtracks while animating, facilitating precise timing.

DMX Lighting Control

Achieve sophisticated lighting effects with support for DMX-controlled lighting systems.Dopesheet and X-Sheet

Dopesheet and X-Sheet

Plan and organize your animation with easy-to-use Dopesheets and X-Sheets.

Chroma Key

Use the chroma key feature for green screen compositing to create stunning visual effects.

Rigging and Composition Guides

Set up and control rigs for complex animations, while composition guides assist in framing shots.

Drawing and Sketching Tools

Add annotations, draw directly on frames, and sketch ideas to enhance your workflow.

Audio and Lip Sync

Import and sync audio, and animate lip movements accurately for character dialogue.


Plan your animation with storyboard tools to visualize your scenes and sequences.


Multiple Camera Support

Control and switch between multiple cameras for diverse angles and perspectives.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11

Memory (RAM): 8 GB getintopc

Hard Disk Space: 250 MB

Processor: Intel Pentium i3 www.getintopc.software

Developer: DZED Systems