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Golden Software Grapher 13 Free Download getintopc

FeaturesWide Range of Graph Types3D VisualizationData ImportCustomizationAutomationData Filtering and ManipulationMap ProjectionsMathematical Functio

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Golden Software Grapher 13 Free Download getintopc is a powerful and versatile graphing and data visualization software that empowers scientists, engineers, and researchers to create stunning graphs, plots, and charts with ease. With its user-friendly interface and a wide range of customization options, Golden Software Grapher 13 Free Download getintopc allows users to transform their data into meaningful visual representations, making it an indispensable tool for data analysis, presentations, and scientific publications. Whether you need to create 2D or 3D graphs, contour plots, or specialized graphs for geological or environmental purposes, Grapher 13 offers the tools and flexibility to bring your data to life and communicate your findings effectively.


Wide Range of Graph Types 

Grapher 13 getintopc supports an extensive array of graph types, including scatter plots, line graphs, bar charts, histograms, box plots, bubble plots, polar plots, and many more. This versatility ensures that users can represent their data in the most suitable and informative manner. getintopc

Wide Range of Graph Types 

3D Visualization

The software offers robust 3D graphing capabilities, enabling users to create impressive 3D surface plots, contour maps, and wireframes, making it ideal for applications in geology, engineering, and environmental sciences. getintopc

Data Import

Users can easily import data from various sources, including Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, and other popular data formats, streamlining the process of turning raw data into compelling graphs.


Grapher 13 allows users to fully customize the appearance of their graphs. You can control colors, fonts, line styles, and marker symbols to create graphs that match your specific requirements and branding. getintopc


The software offers automation tools, including batch processing and scripting, which are valuable for handling large datasets and repetitive graphing tasks efficiently.

Data Filtering and Manipulation

Users can perform data filtering and manipulation directly within the software, simplifying data preprocessing before creating graphs. getintopc

Data Filtering and Manipulation

Map Projections

Grapher 13 includes a wide range of map projections for creating accurate and visually appealing geographic maps and contour plots.

Mathematical Functions

Users can add mathematical equations and functions to their graphs, enabling them to overlay curves, trendlines, and regression analyses on their data.

Worksheet Editing

The integrated worksheet editor allows for easy data entry, editing, and organization, ensuring that data preparation is straightforward.

Output Options

Graphs can be exported in various formats, such as PDF, JPEG, PNG, and more, facilitating seamless integration into reports, presentations, and publications. getintopc

Worksheet Editing

System Requirements

Windows 7, 8 , 10, 11


At least 500 MB

512 MB RAM