Google Earth Pro 7 Free Download Get into Pc


Google Earth Pro 7 Free Download Get into Pc

FeaturesAdvanced Measurement Tools:High-Resolution Printing:GIS Data Importing:Movie Maker:Spreadsheet Import:Premium Data Layers:Higher Resolution I

Google Earth Pro 7 Free Download Get into Pc is a feature-rich and advanced version of the popular Google Earth software, designed for both personal and professional use. Developed by Google, this powerful geospatial tool allows users to explore the globe with stunning satellite imagery, 3D terrain, and detailed maps. With additional functionalities like advanced measurement tools, high-resolution printing, and data importing capabilities, Google Earth Pro 7 Free Download Get into Pc caters to a diverse range of users, from geography enthusiasts and educators to urban planners, researchers, and businesses seeking powerful geospatial analysis and visualization tools. 


Advanced Measurement Tools:

The software provides precise measurement tools, allowing users to calculate distances, areas, and perimeters on the map for various geospatial analysis tasks.  getintopc

Advanced Measurement Tools

High-Resolution Printing:

Google Earth Pro 7 Get into Pc allows users to print images and maps at a higher resolution, enabling the creation of high-quality printouts suitable for presentations and reports.

GIS Data Importing:

Users can import and overlay their own geospatial data, such as shapefiles and GPS data, onto the map, facilitating data integration and custom analysis.  getintopc

Movie Maker:

The software includes a Movie Maker feature, enabling users to create captivating video tours of their virtual globe explorations, ideal for educational and presentation purposes.  getintopc

Spreadsheet Import:

Google Earth Pro 7 Get into Pc supports importing spreadsheet data with location information, allowing users to visualize and analyze location-based data efficiently.

Premium Data Layers:

The Pro version offers access to additional data layers, including demographic data, traffic data, and more, enriching geospatial analysis and visualization capabilities.  getintopc

Premium Data Layers

Higher Resolution Imagery:

Google Earth Pro 7 Get into Pc provides access to higher resolution satellite imagery, offering a more detailed and visually stunning exploration experience.

Support for Professional Use:

The Pro version is licensed for commercial use, making it suitable for professional applications like urban planning, site analysis, environmental monitoring, and more.  getintopc

Offline Use:

Google Earth Pro 7 Get into Pc allows users to save maps and imagery for offline use, ensuring access to geographic information without an internet connection.

Customer Support:

The Pro 7 version Get into Pc includes priority customer support, providing users with assistance and guidance for their geospatial projects and inquiries. getintopc

GIS Data Importing

System Requirements

  • PC – 7 to 11
  • Mac – Mac OS X 10.8/Later
  • Ubuntu 14/Fedora
  • CPU: Pentium 3/Later
  • RAM: 128MB
  • Disk: 400MB
  • Net Speed: 128 K bits/sec
  • Card: 3D-capable with 16MB
  • Screen: 1024×768

Developers: Google