MIDIculous Free Download 2020 Get into Pc


MIDIculous Free Download 2020 Get into Pc

Features of MIDIculous Free Download 2020 Get into PcMIDI File SupportVariable Speed PlaybackInstrument IsolationLooping FunctionalityTranspositionIn

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MIDIculous Free Download 2020 Get into Pc is a powerful and versatile software designed to revolutionize music learning and practice through its innovative MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) technology. With MIDIculous, musicians of all levels can enhance their skills by slowing down or speeding up MIDI files without affecting pitch, isolating instrument tracks for in-depth analysis, and using customizable looping features to focus on specific sections. Its intuitive interface and comprehensive set of tools make MIDIculous Free Download 2020 Get into Pc an indispensable tool for musicians, educators, and learners seeking an interactive and efficient way to master their favorite songs and improve their musical abilities.

Features of MIDIculous Free Download 2020 Get into Pc

MIDIculous Get into Pc boasts an extensive array of features that cater to the needs of musicians, music educators, and learners.

MIDI File Support

The software supports MIDI files, enabling users to import and play MIDI tracks from various sources, including popular music, educational materials, and original compositions. Get into Pc

MIDI File Support

Variable Speed Playback

Users can adjust the playback speed of MIDI files without altering the pitch, allowing for efficient practice, learning, and mastering of complex musical passages.

Instrument Isolation

MIDIculous Get into Pc allows users to isolate specific instrument tracks from a MIDI file, facilitating in-depth analysis and focused practice on individual parts.

Looping Functionality

The customizable looping feature enables users to repeat specific sections of a MIDI file, making it easier to practice challenging parts and improve performance accuracy. Get into Pc


The software supports transposing MIDI files, making it convenient for musicians to play pieces in different keys and explore various musical arrangements.

Instrument Visualization

MIDIculous Get into Pc provides visual representations of MIDI notes being played, making it easier to follow along with the music and understand complex musical structures.

Instrument Visualization

Interactive Sheet Music

Users can view interactive sheet music synchronized with MIDI playback, helping learners grasp the nuances of musical notation while listening to the corresponding performance.

Metronome Integration

MIDIculous includes a built-in metronome, allowing users to practice with a consistent tempo and improve their timing and rhythmic accuracy. Get into Pc

Key Signature and Time Signature Analysis

The software identifies the key signature and time signature of MIDI files, aiding learners in understanding the musical structure and phrasing.

MIDI Controller Support

MIDIculous Get into Pc supports various MIDI controllers, enhancing the user experience and providing hands-on control over playback and other functions.

Virtual Piano Roll

The virtual piano roll interface enables users to visualize and edit MIDI data, making it easier to create custom MIDI arrangements and compositions.

Virtual Piano Roll

Export and Save

Users can export modified MIDI files and save their work for future reference, ensuring progress is retained and shared effortlessly. Get into Pc

System Requirements


Operating System: 7/8/8.1/10/11

Processor: Intel Dual Core/Advanced

Space: 2 GB www.getintopc.software 

Developers: MIDIculous LLC.

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