Smadav Pro 2023 Free Download


Smadav Pro 2023 Free Download

Features of Smadav Pro 2023 Free Download getintopcLocal Antivirus EngineUSB Drive ProtectionReal-Time ProtectionAdditional Protection LayersAutomati

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Smadav Pro 2023 Free Download, the latest evolution in antivirus technology, brings robust protection to your Windows PC. With its focus on enhanced defense against local and global threats, this software is your trusted partner in safeguarding your system from malware and ensuring a secure digital environment. Discover the next level of antivirus protection with Smadav Pro 2023.

Features of Smadav Pro 2023 Free Download getintopc

Local Antivirus Engine 

Smadav’s specialized local antivirus engine provides comprehensive protection against various local and international threats, including viruses, trojans, and malware. getintopc

Local Antivirus Engine 

USB Drive Protection

Automatically scans and immunizes USB drives when connected to your computer, preventing the spread of malware through removable devices. getintopc

Real-Time Protection

Offers real-time scanning to detect and block threats as they attempt to infiltrate your system.

Additional Protection Layers

Smadav complements your primary antivirus software, adding an extra layer of protection to ensure your system’s security. getintopc

Automatic Updates

Keeps the software and virus database up to date, ensuring it can effectively identify and eliminate the latest threats.

Automatic Updates

Exception List

Allows you to define specific files, folders, or applications that won’t be scanned, reducing false positives and enhancing system performance.

Tools and Settings

Offers a variety of tools and settings for system optimization, such as a process manager, system editor, and more. getintopc

Exclusion List

Customize the scanning process by excluding specific files or folders from regular scans.

Admin Password Protection

Set a password to protect your Smadav Pro settings, preventing unauthorized changes.

Automatic Quarantine

Isolates and quarantines detected threats, preventing them from causing further harm to your system.

Theme Colors

Customize the software’s appearance by choosing from a variety of theme colors to suit your preference. getintopc

Profitable License

Enjoy the benefits of a licensed Pro version with access to all features, regular updates, and priority support.

Profitable License

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11

Memory (RAM): 4 GB

Hard Disk Space: 50 MB

Processor: Intel Pentium i3