Steven Universe Save the Light Free Download get into pc


Steven Universe Save the Light Free Download get into pc

Features of Steven Universe Save the Light Free Download get into pcCharacter DiversityEngaging StorylineStrategic BattlesTeam SynergyGem FusionExplo

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Embark on a thrilling and free adventure with Steven Universe Save the Light Free Download get into pc, where fans of the beloved animated series can join Steven and his friends in a captivating RPG experience. This game brings to life the charm, humor, and camaraderie of the show as players team up with familiar characters, explore enchanting worlds, and battle against formidable foes. Immerse yourself in a fusion of action, strategy, and heartwarming storytelling, all while discovering the power of friendship in the universe of Steven. 

Features of Steven Universe Save the Light Free Download get into pc

Character Diversity 

Play as iconic characters from the “Steven Universe” series get into pc, each with their own unique abilities, strengths, and special moves.

Character Diversity 

Engaging Storyline

Dive into an original storyline that captures the essence of the show, filled with humor, emotion, and the sense of camaraderie that fans adore. get into pc

Strategic Battles

Engage in turn-based battles that require tactical thinking and a deep understanding of each character’s abilities to defeat challenging enemies.

Team Synergy

Strategically build your team with characters that complement each other’s strengths, enabling powerful fusions and cooperative attacks.

Gem Fusion

Experience the thrill of Gem Fusion, combining characters’ powers to create new and powerful forms, adding strategic depth to battles.

Gem Fusion


Venture through diverse and visually stunning environments inspired by the show, uncovering secrets, solving puzzles, and interacting with familiar locations. get into pc

Upgrade System

Enhance characters’ abilities and attributes through an upgrade system, customizing their strengths to suit your preferred playstyle.

Voice Acting

Immerse yourself in the “Steven Universe” universe with authentic voice acting from the show’s cast, contributing to a truly authentic experience.

Fan Service

Enjoy references, Easter eggs, and nods to the series that fans will undoubtedly appreciate, creating a sense of nostalgia and connection. get into pc

Interactions and Dialogue

Engage in character-driven interactions and dialogues that capture the spirit of the show’s relationships and dynamics.

Interactions and Dialogue

Puzzle Solving

Encounter intricate puzzles and challenges that require logic and creativity to overcome, adding variety to gameplay.


Experience the magic of the game without any upfront cost, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the “Steven Universe” world at no expense. get into pc

In-Game Currency

Utilize in-game currency or optional purchases to enhance gameplay through cosmetic upgrades or convenience items.

Continued Updates

Benefit from ongoing updates and potential expansions that could introduce new content, challenges, and characters to the game. get into pc

System Requirements

OS: 10 – 64bit

Processor: Intel i5-2300

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 960

DirectX: Version 12

Storage: 9 GB 

Developers: Grumpyface Studios